Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant Powder with Floatant Holder & Zinger

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Weatherby's Dry Fly Powder is available in 30ml (1oz) and 15ml bottle sizes, complete with an applicator brush that allows you to work the powder into the fly.

This option gives you a complete system, the Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant powder, floatant holder than is compatible with many floatant systems and a zinger.

Simply fit the floatant holder over the neck of the Weatherby's Dry Fly bottle and hold in place with the velco.  The zinger has a pin to attach to your vest or bad and has a 50cm cable.

Our floatant powder in 30ml is often seen as the standard size and is the perfect size for bags.  It will last for many trips to the river or trout farm, depending upon how many fish you bag or how often you drown your flies!

You may be interested in the 15ml bottle if you want a smaller bottle, especially useful for vests and those that wade and want to minimise how much they carry.  You'd be surprised at how long a 15ml bottle will last!

The 100% recyclable clear bottle allows you to easily see how much floatant powder you have left before you go fishing, so you don't run out when you are wading mid-river!

Before you cast, give your fly a dusting with Weatherby's Dry Fly.  It will then float and skip across the water's surface like a natural.  Then, as your fly becomes wet from being drowned or in the ripples, give further coatings to refresh your fly. When you get that rise you will need to bring your fly back to life after it has been taken by a fish.  Just dry your fly and recoat with Weatherby's Dry Fly to get that next fish!

Weatherby's dry fly is extremely effective on all types of dry flies, including CDC patterns and can even be used on nymphs to create a lifelike bubble and to keep strike indicators floating..