As well as being available direct from us, you can also buy Weatherby's Dry Fly from the stockists below.  Take advantage of their excellent product range and service.  Everyone always needs those extra bits of tackle that they can supply you with as well as Weatherby's Dry Fly!

Barbless Flies
Barbless flies, lures and more for fly fishing. Barbless Flies, supply barbless flies for the Catch & Release angler. They supply both individual and selections of barbless flies to the river & stillwater fly angler, specialising in supplying fishing flies in size 14 and smaller. As you will see from the products on their website, they supply innovative flies – and best of all, everything is delivered FREE of charge to anywhere in the world.

Troutflies UK
Trout flies UK are a leading supplier of fly tying tools and materials as well as supplying a full range of trout flies from the traditional to the more modern creations. Choosing your trout flies can be quite daunting when you first start fly fishing. They try to give a good description of the various fishing flies on the actual product page to assist you.