Refilled 30ml Weatherby's Dry Fly- UK Only

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£ 5.00 each

Only available in the UK

A recycled and refilled bottle is available to customers who have previously purchased a 30ml bottle of Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant and wish to have it recycled and reused rather than put out in the domestic recycling.

To purchase a recycled and refilled bottle, place your order for this item and then send your empty 30ml bottle using the form below:

Bottle Return Form

Upon receipt of your empty bottle, we will then send you a full recycled bottle.

You will be playing a part in reducing the use of one use plastic and in return we are offering refilled and recycled bottles at this reduced price.

Thank you for supporting us in this recycling initiative.


unfortunately, due to postage costs, this is only available to UK customers

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