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dry fly floatant powder

weatherby's dry fly

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Three facts you may not know about weatherby's dry fly...

weatherbys dry fly floatant powder

1/ The one with the clear bottle...

Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant powder is supplied in a clear PET bottle.  Not only is it 100% recyclable, but the clear bottle allows you to check how much floatant you have before you go fishing.  Who wants to run out when you are mid river!

2/ Available in two convenient sizes...

Sometimes you want a large 30ml/1oz bottle for your bag but sometimes you want the convenience of a smaller bottle to fit into your floatant holder.  Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant powder comes in both sizes for you to choose which is best on the day!

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3/ It works...

Check out our reviews, Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant powder is designed to work on all dry fly types, including CDC.  

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tried, tested, trusted

weatherby's dry fly is the UK's Dry Fly Floatant Powder that is used worldwide.  Every week we ship to US, UK, New Zealand, Scotland, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Ireland...

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Customer Reviews

I put a little on my CDC dry after catching and releasing a few nice rainbow trout. In which the fly was slimmed up a bit . A quick dip and shake the fly was dry once again and floated like a cork .Great stuff

David V. from United States

I’ve recently used it on rivers and small still waters. Does exactly what it says on the tin and more. The Fly sits really proud on the water with a full coat or just add it to parts of flies to get them sitting in the film. The company seems to evolve and be open to honest feedback. Really fair and great communication. Thank you

Kieren N. from United Kingdom

In all my years of dry fly fishing I have wanted for a floatant that actually worked with out being greasy and messy. This stuff really does the job! Flys float extremely well and application is easy. The brush allows you to apply it without mess and it works for a very long time. Sure wish I had found this earlier.

David W. from United States

The Wild Trout Trust

Wild Trout Trust

Is Matching the Hatch Enough?

Fly fishing can be undertaken with just a few simple components, the rod, reel, line and fly.  As fishermen we all have personal preferences as to how we configure each of these elements.  The weight of the rod; the arbour size of the reel; forward weight or tapered line, maybe shooting head and then ultimately the fly.

The fly may be dry, wet or a nymph.  With each version we want to present as realistic a version of the fly as possible.  We want to imitate the natural food of the fish we are trying to catch.

With dry fly fishing, this imitation is happening right in front of our own eyes and if it doesn't look quite right to the critical eye of the fisherman, we know it won't look right to the fish that is very wary of predators......

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